Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Wholesale Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Supplies

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Which supplies do I need to clean a house?

Miracle Maids in New York suggest the following cleaning supplies:

Liquid cleaning supplies - always have a general cleaner and a floor cleaner at minimum
Mop and one or more buckets
Broom and dustpan
A hand held scrub brush
A toilet brush
Rubber gloves
Ladder or step stool, if needed for cleaning high areas like ceiling fans, cabinets, top of fridge
Vacuum cleaner, with attachments and a fresh vacuum bag
At least four fresh sponges and several abrasive (scrubby) sponges
At least three rolls of paper towels (per cleaning person)
Clean rags
Garbage bags – heavy-duty and regular bags (30 to 55 gallon size)

Merry Maids breaks down the list of cleaning supplies needed per room, as follows:

“Bathroom cleaning supplies list:

Distilled white vinegar
A spray bottle
Microfiber cloths
A plastic sandwich bag and a rubber band
An old toothbrush
Grout cleaner
Toilet cleaner and brush

Bedroom cleaning supplies list:

Multiple microfiber cloths
A bucket
Dishwashing liquid
An extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner
Vacuum cleaner with attachments
Distilled white vinegar
A spray bottle

Kitchen cleaning supplies list:

Kitchen countertop cleaner
A spray bottle
Microfiber cloths
Baking soda
Microfiber mop
Dishwashing liquid

Common area cleaning supplies list:

An extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner
Microfiber cloths
Distilled white vinegar
A spray bottle
A bucket
Dishwashing liquid
Vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment”

What is cleaning equipment?

If you want to get technical, according to, they state that cleaning equipment is a noun that is “any of a large class of implements used for cleaning.” For instance if you can use the item to clean, then it qualifies as cleaning equipment. Common cleaning equipment items are: vacuums, brooms, mops and dusters, just to name a few. Cleaning equipment can also be known as cleaning devices.

What are cleaning solvents?

Cleaning solvents are different from cleaning supplies. They are usually used for heavy-duty cleaning jobs like those needed to remove such contaminants such as oil, grease and solder flux to name a few.

What are cleaning agents?

Cleaning agents are substances that are used to remove dirt, odors, stains and dust on surfaces. Cleaning agents usually consist of powders, liquids and sprays in order to get the cleaning job done.

Why are most cleaners basic?

In order to understand how to clean something most efficiently, you first have to know which type of cleaning product to use in order to achieve the result. For instance, cleaning products are either alkaline (also known as base), acidic or neutral. HP Products explains “these terms are assigned based on the cleaners’ position on a 1-14 pH scale that represents the acidity of the agent. pH stands for ‘potential hydrogen’ and indicates how likely a substance will add hydrogen ions when added to water. When it comes to cleaners, a higher pH does not indicate a greater cleaning strength, but rather, the number tells you the concentration of hydrogen or hydroxide ions present. This information is useful for choosing the right cleaner to break down materials. If the substance you want to remove is acidic (on the left side of the scale), you want to choose a cleaner that is alkaline (on the right side) to break down the acid and return it to a neutral pH where it can be more effectively cleaned. The same works for the other side as well, where acidic cleaners are good for removing alkaline debris.”

First you must determine what are you trying to remove and from what surface. Use acidic cleaners for bathrooms that need inorganic deposit removal, alkaline (base) cleaners such as degreasers for cleaning kitchens. HP goes on to state, “Neutral cleaning agents are called such due to their pH-neutral base. They are useful for dispersing dirt, dust and other debris though a completely neutral base. They will have less cleaning effect than a cleaning agent that falls more to one side of the scale, and are ideal for light soil loads.”

Which cleaning supplies are not to be mixed?

Knowing which cleaning supplies that should never be used in conjunction with each other is imperative. According to the Utah Department of Health, never mix bleach and ammonia. Never mix bleach and acids. Never use more than two drainers together or subsequently after the other. When ammonia and bleach are mixed, poisonous gases called chloramines are created. When acid and bleach are mixed, chlorine gas is produced. If these toxic gases are inhaled, many serious health issues can arise, such as: coughing, respiratory problems and watery eyes being minor issues, whereas more serious or dire health problems like pneumonia or even death have also been known to occur. Be aware that many common household cleaning supplies may contain one or more of these ingredients or may react with another cleaner, so use multiple chemical cleaners within a room with great caution and never use any cleaning chemicals in conjunction with each other no matter what.

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