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Facial Tissues

Brand Name Facial Tissues

In addition to helping you deal with the common cold, facial tissues are great for gently removing make-up or residue from any area of the face. Browse our assortment of wholesale facial tissues including Puffs and our most popular wholesale Kleenex tissues for a variety of applications. Kleenex Anti-Viral facial tissues are perfect for flu season, with a specially treated layer that kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue. Looking for a facial tissue that will be extra gentle on your sensitive skin? Check out our selection of Kleenex tissues with lotion for a gentle, non-abrasive clean. Tissues are an essential product and buying in bulk quantities will prevent you from running out just as cold and flu season hits. Our quantities vary, so you can choose the right amount whether you are buying for a small business, school, large corporate office building or private home. For upscale offices buildings, residential homes and hotels in need of something a little nicer than a plain box, many of the wholesale tissues in our inventory come packaged in decorative boxes that will add a touch of class to any environment. Whatever kind of facial tissue you prefer, we have it in stock and ready to ship at Best of all, we never close. Shop our online superstore from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Looking to avoid the big box stores without sacrificing the personal interaction they provide? Our live customer service associates are available to help with any questions you may have about your purchase or any one of our discount janitorial supplies. Just click to chat online or call our toll free number to reach one of our knowledgeable employees. Check us out today for the lowest prices around!

Who Invented Facial Tissues?

Called Kleenex by the first manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, these disposable tissues were invented during World War and were originally used in anti-gas masks and to clean wounded soldiers. Kimberly Clark created the first facial tissues in 1924 with the name Kleenex as a means to remove cold cream. Early advertisements marketed them as a means to remove theatrical make-up. Customers started to use them as a disposable alternative to cloth handkerchiefs and sent letters to the company suggesting that the tissues could be used against colds. In the 1930’s, the use of tissues was expanded to dealing with stuffy and runny noses and the slogan “Don’t Put a Cold in Your Pocket” was born.

Can Facial Tissues Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

Kleenex (facial tissues), paper towels and tissue paper should not be flushed down the toilet. Tissues are designed to stay together when they get wet, which is what makes that great for a runny nose but terrible for your septic system. Tissues will stay together and absorb moisture, so it takes a long time to break down and can cause blockages. Stick with a trash can when trying to dispose of facial tissues.

Can Facial Tissues be Recycled?

Facial tissues cannot be recycled. While the fibers are strong enough to absorb moisture without breaking down, they are too weak to be turned into usable papers. Used tissues are also considered too contaminated to be recycled. If you are concerned with any environmental impact not recycling tissues can have, there are tissue products that are made from recycled material that you may want to try. While you are still not able to recycle used tissues, at least you are making a difference with your purchase.

What Are the Best Facial Tissues?

The folks at spent many hours researching tissues, interviewing experts and conducting testing on stuffy nosed humans as well as equipment in an engineering lab. Tissues were tested for softness, absorbency, and lack of linting. They used a testing machine to poke and prod tissues, measuring their resistance and breaking point. Tissues with lotion added were also tested for pore closing potential. After testing more than a dozen brands of facial tissues, they came up with their picks for the best tissues.

Puffs (formerly Puffs Basic)
Puffs was the most absorbent of the tissues tested and the softest non-lotion tissues out there, but they also did well across their toughness tests and were the most economical with the cheapest cost per tissue.
Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong
Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Tissues tested stronger than Puffs on their mechanical tests, and they also rated well by human testers. For a slightly higher cost per tissue, these tissues provide better wet strength and are almost as absorbent as Puffs.

Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue

Some doctors have expressed concern about the additives in lotion tissues clogging pores and some consumers feel they are “too soft.” Tissues with lotion are also less absorbent than plain tissues, but the lotion also feels better on chafed noses and upper lips, so if you tend to have chafed and raw skin during cold & flu season, these tissues may be ideal for you.

Green Forest
These tissues are the best “green” tissue for consumers who value the environment a little higher than their own comfort. These tissues did not do well in tests, but mostly because eco-friendly tissues are usually not soft AND strong; it’s usually one or the other. These were the best of the recycled options in absorption and wet strength, equal to all of the others in softness and puncture resistance.