Food Storage

Food Storage

Food Storage proudly offers a wide variety of wholesale food storage products and restaurant supplies. Choose from a wide variety of wholesale food boxes, food storage, round storage containers, slant front ingredient bins, safety storage bins, food containers with lids & lids separately. has commercial food storage containers to store all your hot, cold, dry or liquid items in easy to use, easy to access round or rectangular containers and bins. Break resistant, durable and lightweight, there is a container suitable for every function you have or can imagine. All our food storage products are clear for easy viewing, dishwasher and microwave safe, nest for compact storage, won’t rust, dent or bend and are FDA compliant. Stackable, safety storage ingredient bins improve productivity. Each have an integrated portioning scoop and hook. The two piece lid slides or flips up for easy access to the front slant ingredient bins. Extra wide casters facilitate easy relocation or a means to just simply swivel the large capacity bins out of the way. On top of space saving containers, dunnage racks and mobile carts provide unlimited flexibility and mobility. Dunnage racks are the perfect off-the-floor storage solution for frozen, cold or dry goods. The ProSave Cart and mobile rack will securely transport and shelf large bins, dry goods and other kitchen products. For your restaurant, business or “home cafe,” you can thoroughly wrap things up with easy-to-open, easy-to-fill commercial Ziploc Freezer Bags. We have over 25 different case quantities and a variety of bag sizes. Ziploc’s unique interlocking zipper seal technology will keep your food fresh and secure. Coupled with our no minimum policy, your orders can always be automatically adjusted to your immediate needs. Write-on labels allow for easy identification and dating. For added convenience, every disposable bag dispenser is color coded for quick kitchen organization. Refrigerators, freezers, coolers, even drains and grease traps are prime targets for essentials like Arm & Hammer’s fridge n’ freezer or pure baking soda. It’s environmentally safe and an absolute necessity to keep readily on-hand to clean sinks, counters, microwaves, pots, pans, tubs, toilets, pools, laundry and more. The far reaching cleaning and deodorizing properties make this list endless.

The steep walls of’s bulk food storage containers, not only hold more of what you need to store, they minimize refills and overfills. Stain resistance and secure snap on tight lids that reduce spoilage are two more assets you can check off your list. Food pan covers have deep molded handles with secure finger grips and Mark-It-Fresh windows for date coding and labeling contents. Quart and liter measurement markings clearly show content levels. Cold food pans, in ½, 1/3, and full sizes and various quart quantities have non-stick surfaces for easy food release and easy cleaning. Whether you need smaller 2 gallon, larger 21-½ gallon or any in-between industry standard size or height, has it in stock. Prepare to save even more. Stock up on economical clear or latex powder free food handling gloves that offer bare hand dexterity. Low priced professional quality 12 or 18 inch PVC food wrap film rolls, housed in convenient cutter boxes, come in 2,000 or 3,000 foot lengths. If you prefer Reynolds Foodservice continuous film rolls, has a wide variety, from 1,000 ft to 5,289 ft lengths, for light to heavy applications. The cutter box features a low-profile precision metal edge mounted on sturdy insert. If you need take-out capabilities, take your pick from our large assortment of carryout boxes, oblong and round aluminum containers, hinged lid snap-it closed carryout foam and plastic containers. has specialty food containers for hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts, entrees and as well as for storing all your food preparations and leftovers. CleanItSupply - wholesale janitorial supplies, has what you need each day and every time. Save on bulk food storage containers, ingredient bins & lids. Choose from a wide variety of commercial food storage containers including: food storage boxes, round storage containers, slant front ingredient bins, safety storage bins, food containers with lids & lids separately.

Proper Food Storage in Commercial Kitchens

As long ago as prehistoric times, man knew that his game would last longer if he packed it in snow or stored it in the coolness of a cave. The science of refrigeration has continued to evolve. We all know that refrigeration is important but do we know why?

Bacteria exists everywhere in nature, including in the soil, air, water and foods we eat and in the right conditions bacteria can grow rapidly to the point of causing illness. Refrigeration helps to slow bacteria growth by keeping foods under 40 degrees and out of the danger zone where bacteria can grow quite rapidly. According to the USDA, keeping your refrigerator set at 40 degrees or below will protect most foods.

There are two types of bacteria in refrigerated foods, Pathogenic bacteria and Spoilage bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria can grow rapidly when not kept between 40 and 140 degrees. The problem with Pathogenic bacteria is they do not affect taste, smell or appearance so you wouldn’t know food is bad until it is too late.

Spoilage bacteria can still grow while in the refrigerator at the proper temperature but they would cause food to smell, taste or look bad so most people would not choose to eat it. And if for some reason, someone still chose to overlook the bad smell, taste and appearance and still eat the food, they would likely not get sick. Spoilage bacteria are more of a quality issue while Pathogenic bacteria are a safety issue.

Safe handling of food is important in preventing bacteria growth or contaminating other foods. Hot food can be rapidly chilled in cold water before refrigeration or it can be placed directly into the refrigerator still hot. Keep foods covered to retain moisture and prevent them from picking up odors from other foods. Large amounts of food like stews or soups should be divided into smaller portions and placed in shallow containers for refrigeration. The same should be done with large cuts of meat.

Raw meat, poultry and seafood should be placed in a sealed container with a lid to prevent raw juices from contaminating your refrigerator.

Never store perishable items on the door of your refrigerator. The temperature there fluctuates more and can allow bacteria growth.

Even when stored correctly, perishable foods are only good for so long in the refrigerator. For more details on safe time limits that will keep foods from spoiling, you can reference the USDA website.