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Hand washing is a simple act, but one that is extremely important for preventing the spread of infection and illness. is your go-to website for all your skin care needs, including hand soap and bulk hand soap dispensers to keep your environment and all who enter healthy and germ-free. We make it easy for you to purchase bulk quantities of hand soaps, as well as individual items, at low, wholesale prices. Our online store stocks a whole host of hand soaps, including bar soaps, foaming hand soaps, healthcare soaps, antibacterial soaps, moisturizing lotion soaps, pumice soaps and much more. With this many soaps available, you are sure to find one that suits your needs as well as your budget. Our selection of hand washing soaps come from some of the most the most trusted name brands around, such as Purell, Procter & Gamble, GoJo, Dial, SanJamar, and many more so you can be sure you are getting the best protection for your location.

What should I consider before purchasing a hand soap dispenser?

Not all hand soap dispensers perform the same. Not all features offered are needed by consumers. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to know what you need and then from there add on features you’d like to have. 
Consider the following when shopping for a hand soap dispenser:
1.Capacity – how much soap would you like your dispenser to hold? Take into account labor. The smaller the capacity the more frequently it will need refilling.
2.Power – are you looking for a rechargeable or battery-operated unit?
3.Automatic or Manual – if you are interested in an automatic dispenser, infrared gets high scores. If you are looking to save more money, the manual dispenser is the way to go.
4.Material – there are so many materials and colors to choose from, such as silver, white, and black colors to name a few. Dispensers can be made from metal or plastic materials.
5.Looks and Design – modern or traditional? Choose model of hand soap dispenser that will improve your bathroom’s design.
6.Price – do not shop according to price alone since oftentimes you do get what you pay for.

Why should I purchase a hand soap dispenser?

Everyone knows that washing hands with soap and water is the best prevention against the spread of harmful illnesses and disease. Using bar soap can run the user the risk of contamination that is normally associated with shared items, especially when they are touched by dirty hands. Because of this fact, hand soap dispensers are not only more sanitary, but also more convenient. In locations such as health care centers where germs and bacteria spread is of the utmost concern, automatic soap dispensers are recommended and often used. These no-touch dispensers provide a perfect pre-measured amount of soap without ever needing to touch the dispenser with dirty hands, hereby halting cross-contamination. These types of automatic soap dispensers provide not only safer, more hygienic hand washing options, but they are also convenient and save on wasted overuse of soap because of the preset amount dispensed.

How do liquid hand soap dispensers work?

“The soap dispenser’s pump is attached to a tube which runs into the chamber where the soap is housed. When the pump is activated manually by applying pressure to the pump mechanism, this first pushes air out of the tube to create a suction effect, which then draws the liquid soap back up the tube, releasing it via the pump spigot for fast, efficient cleaning and hand washing,” explains.

How do foaming hand soap dispensers work?

Rather than the one main chamber found in the regular liquid hand soap dispenser, foaming hand soap dispensers have two chambers. Two chambers are needed because the dispenser mixes the liquid soap from the one chamber with air from the second chamber. This combination of air and soap creates a pre-measured amount of soap that is thicker and foamier than liquid soap. Foaming soap is an efficient, cost-effective, hygienic option for restrooms.

Once you’ve chosen the hand soap that provides you with the degree of hand cleanliness you need, don’t forget to check out our selection of commercial soap dispensers. We stock an assortment of models so you are sure to find the dispenser that works for your facility at a price that won’t break the bank. We offer hand soap dispensers that will accommodate many different types of liquid, lotion and foaming hand soaps in designs ranging from metal and colored plastic to clear and stainless steel, as well as touch-free dispensers for the best prevention of cross contamination. Soap dispensers are ideal for use in places like restrooms and kitchens as well as locker rooms, gyms, swim clubs, country clubs, janitorial closets, private homes and pretty much any location where frequent hand washing is necessary.

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