Bathroom Air Fresheners

Bathroom Air Fresheners

Bathroom Air Fresheners - Commercial & Industrial Deodorizers

Let’s be honest, bathrooms can smell less than pleasant from day to day and that is putting it mildly. It is not a problem you can simply ignore because the last thing you want your guests or clients to encounter is a disagreeable odor coming from your restrooms. While odors are a very big problem, the good news is they can easily be fixed with the use of a bathroom air freshener. Discover the best selection and lowest prices on air fresheners from, your online source for cleaning and janitorial supplies for your home and business. We take great pride in offering high quality, trusted brand name products at affordable wholesale pricing. We offer the most comprehensive assortment of high-quality commercial air fresheners. Specifically designed to refresh your restroom, each of our quality bathroom odor control commercial air fresheners offers specific features sure to fit your needs as well as your budget. Whether you are searching for something to freshen your bathroom or you are in the market for a product that focuses on sanitizing the air in addition to deodorizing it, we have each and every one of them in stock and ready to ship directly to your doorstep. No hassle, go gimmicks, just great products at low, wholesale prices. Browse our online store for air freshening products ranging from urinal screens and toilet bowl/rim hangers to metered air fresheners, aerosols and sprays, liquid concentrate air fresheners and so much more. If you are in the market for it, chances are we have it, in stock and ready to ship right from our warehouse to you.

Aerosols and sprays are great for residential areas that tend not to see too much traffic. However, for high circulation areas and busy public restrooms, metered commercial air fresheners are a great cost effective way to add fresher smelling air to any room at timed intervals throughout the course of the day. Looking for something that will take the work of freshening and cleaning toilets out of your hands? We have you covered! The Virtual Janitor can be used in urinals and toilets to clean and deodorize every 15 minutes keeping fixtures and pipes clean while eliminating odors at their source. We also stock refills for all of our air freshening units in a variety of subtle, pleasing scents in bulk quantities so you will always have some on hand. These are just a few examples of the air freshening products we offer, so be sure to check out our entire selection to find the right restroom air freshener for your location and requirements. Whether you are shopping for your business or your home, we have an extensive selection of the top brand name products you have come to trust and prefer at low wholesale prices, every single day.

Why Do Air Fresheners Work?

Scents come from molecules in the air. Commercial & industrial air fresheners such as sprays or aerosols are meant to dissolve in the air. When sprayed into the air, the liquid’s minuscule particles evaporate into the air like a gas and cover up any malodors with added fragrances.

How Do Automatic Air Fresheners Work?

Automatic air fresheners are designed to release an encapsulated scent at a set time or under preset conditions such as every minute, 10 minutes or even every 30 minutes, according to Wikipedia. Some auto air fresheners use a motion or light sensor that releases a burst of scent into the air when sensor is tripped. When the scent is only introduced periodically, the nose does not become too accustomed to the smell.

Why Use Urinal Screens?

A urinal screen is a small piece of plastic mesh that disinfects and deodorizes the urinal area emitting a more neutral and pleasant scent. While some urinal screens remove odors and others mask odors, they all have one common sense of purpose which is to get rid of the smell of urine in restrooms. Urinal screens are also useful in disturbing the flow of urine hereby decreasing the likelihood of splashing. Lastly, urinal screens are also useful in offering a bull’s eye for better aiming.

How Long Does a Urinal Screen Last?

Urinal screens should be changed out every month. After about 30 days they tend to lose their effectiveness since there are no enzymes left to disinfect or combat odors. Employing a urinal screen change-out schedule is helpful in keeping the men’s restroom consistently smelling fresh.

What is a Non-Para Block?

Non-Para Blocks are used to freshen and clean urinals for a certain amount of flushes. The block melts with each flush releasing powerful surfactants and chelating agents to eliminate foul odors.

Which Air Fresheners are Rated Best?

According to Google’s Good Guide review and ratings list, among the top performing air fresheners were Febreze, Method, Ology, Odoban, Blithe and Bonny, Pureayre and CVS brands all scored a remarkable 10 out of 10. Citrus Magic and Glade brands came in at an impressive score of 8. Are you searching for an air freshener for your vehicle? Febreze Auto Fabric Refresher not only scored an 8 in Good Guide’s ratings but also bears the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Looking for a score of 10 for your car, truck or van? Pureayre brand scored a 10 for both car and home odor eliminators for disagreeable pet smells among other common household malodors. The important thing when choosing the right air freshener is to make sure you like the scent it gives off. Since scents tend to be somewhat subjective as to who thinks it smells nice and who is complaining of the offensive perfume aroma, your best bet is to choose a fragrance that is fairly neutral, perhaps one that can be found in nature to hopefully please many of its recipients.

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