Professional Cleaning Chemicals

Professional Cleaning Chemicals

Professional Cleaning Chemicals

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What are common cleaning agents?

A list of common cleaning agents are found on Wikipedia and are as follows:
Soap or detergent
Ammonia solution
Calcium hypochlorite
Citric acid
Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hydroxide
Acetic acid
Sodium bicarbonate
Carbon dioxide
Chromic acid
Trisodium phosphate
Saltwater soap
Sodium percarbonate
Sodium perborate
Amyl nitrite and other nitrites

What are cleaning agents?

Cleaning agents are substances that are usually in the form of liquids, powders, sprays, or granules that are used to remove dirt, dust, stains and odors on surfaces and materials. The purpose of cleaning agents is to sustain health, increase beauty, remove odors, and to avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants to yourself and to others. Some cleaning agents can clean and simultaneously kill bacteria. Other cleaning agents are called degreasers and they contain organic solvents to help dissolve oils and fats to effectively clean a surface or material.

What is cleaning in housekeeping?

According to Wikipedia, housekeeping refers to the management of duties and chores involved in the running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, laundry and bill pay. These tasks may be performed by any of the household members, or by other persons hired to perform these tasks.

What’s the difference between a house cleaner and a housekeeper?

A house cleaner may be an individual person or a team of cleaners who live outside of the hired household and arrive to the home on a scheduled day and time with all the proper cleaning supplies, products and equipment. House cleaners are usually in the home for a specific amount of time and take their supplies with them when they leave for their next cleaning appointment. House cleaners may be independently employed or work for a house cleaning company. The typical duties of house cleaner include deep cleaning most surfaces including floors, scrubbing and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming upholstery and carpet, vacuuming and mopping hard floors, and interior window cleaning.

A housekeeper, on the other hand, is an individual person who is usually hired by a family who provides everything needed for the job. A housekeeper usually is in the home for a longer period of time and may have many projects within the home to keep them busy such as light cleaning, cooking meals, dish duty, laundry, garbage and trash maintenance, straightening up house clutter, taking care of the family pets, etc.

What are the key components of workplace housekeeping?

According to the commercial cleaning professionals at Kansas City Janitorial Services, workplace housekeeping includes the following six important duties:
1. Keep the light fixtures clean
2. Floor and building maintenance
3. Upkeep tools and equipment
4. Remove clutter from aisles and stairways
5. Clean storage space
6. Waste disposal

How do professionals clean?

Professionals use this handy list of supplies so that they can clean any surface or material safely and effectively:
glass cleaner
furniture polish
all-purpose cleaner
granite cleaner
scrub pads
stainless steel cleaner
floor cleaner
bathroom cleaner
Magic Erasers
microfiber mops
microfiber pads
broom and dustpan
supply caddy
dust mop
grout brush
small toothbrush
cleaning cloths
step ladder

How many types of housekeeping cleaning are there?

According to the Cleaning Business Academy, there are two types of customers when cleaning houses: one-time and recurring. One-time customers only want their home cleaned once. Recurring customers want their home cleaned on a regular basis. 

Regular cleaning, spring/deep cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning are the cost commonly offered one-time services for house cleaning. A regular cleaning is going to be the basic cleaning offered to customers. A spring/deep cleaning is everything included in the regular cleaning with some extra cleaning tasks. A move-in/move-out cleaning is basically a spring cleaning without furniture. The same cleaning tasks are performed as for a spring/deep cleaning.

Recurring cleanings include these cleaning most commonly used frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For recurring customers, house cleaners can either offer a regular or spring/deep cleaning for their initial cleaning. After the initial cleaning, there will be a regular/maintenance cleaning on a recurring basis.

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