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Brooms & Accessories

Brooms & Accessories

For all the best in mops, brooms, brushes and dusters turn to, the professional janitorial supply company. carries a variety of great brooms and accessories that will aid you in sweeping up even the biggest piles of dirt and debris. Thanks to our wide variety of brooms and accessories, you’ll be able to tackle any chore in no time. Get that garage swept out, clean up that messy basement floor or get that office space neat and tidy for the first time in quite a while. Keep all your brooms in great working order with our selection of handles and braces. When you buy a broom or broom accessories from us, not only can you be assured that you are getting a top-of-the-line product, you know you received a fantastic deal as well. With our inventory of wholesale cleaning products, you can rest assured you will never go wrong with the selection you make. We take pride in offering you top of the line cleaning supplies at great prices.

Make our online store your home for all the best in cleaning products and cleaning janitorial supplies at low, discount prices. With our vast selection of brooms and broom accessories, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to sweep those nightmare messes right out of sight and mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a cleaning professional or just someone looking to sweep out your garage, we have the brooms and accessories to help you tackle your cleaning tasks. We have a large inventory available at wholesale prices that will allow you to find just the right broom or dust pan for every possible cleaning job. Whether you are in need of a push broom or a street broom, we have them all. Push brooms make sweeping out your garage or warehouse easy and convenient, whisking dirt and debris away as quickly as they appeared. Our large array of street brooms will have you clearing your driveway or sidewalk of all those pesky leaves, sticks and dirt in no time at all. With one of the brooms we offer, you’ll finish all your cleaning jobs quickly and get them done right the first time. Residential, commercial or industrial, we have brooms to tackle all jobs. And what to do once you have all that dirt and debris swept into a nice little pile. Not to worry, just sweep it up using one of our high quality dust pans. We have an assortment of dust pans to make picking up those piles as easy as pie.

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What Type of Broom Do I Need for Different Sweeping Tasks?

When Levi Dickenson made the first broom in 1797 for his wife, he made it out of sorghum, a grain he was growing. Almost 15 years later, the sorghum used in brooms became known by a new name, “corn.” Well over 200 years since the first broom was made, we still have corn brooms, but we also have quite a few other varieties, which can cause some confusion about what broom should be used for different sweeping tasks. Here is a quick tutorial on the different brooms available today and their uses:

Soft Brooms
All soft brooms are fan shaped and made from natural fibers, but can differ in what natural materials are used for their bristles. Some bristles are made from corn husks and grass. Grass brooms are softer than corn brooms, so they can be used to clean indoors. Corn brooms, though, are usually used outside on patios, driveways and walkways or garages.

Hard Brooms
Hard brooms have stiffer bristles, so they are particularly effective at removing dirt from cracks and crevices on surfaces. They also can be used in an area that is too dirty for using a vacuum.

Push Brooms

Push brooms are made with sturdy bristles, so they are great for cleaning areas outside as well as large debris.

Hand Broom
Hand brooms have a short handle and often some with a dust tray. They are great for quick clean-ups and small jobs.

Whisk Broom
Whisk brooms are small as well, but they are made from natural fibers. They can be used for small jobs, including dusting keyboards.

Angle Broom
The angle broom is a version of the soft broom, but with an angled head and usually plastic bristles. It is ideal for use reaching into corners to clean.