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Wholesale Plastic Cups & Lids - the foremost authority on wholesale janitorial and cleaning supplies, also offers a wide variety of Food Service Restaurant Supplies, and Cups and Lids, including a wide selection of disposable plastic cups with lids. A perfect fit for restaurants, cafeterias, parties, festivals, as well as residential kitchens and homes, our high quality, name-brand plastic cups and lids fit any environment and occasion. Each and every one of our plastic cups and lid models offer a durable, time test resiliency, that can be relied on each and every time. Designed to be as Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as they are economical, our name-brand cup and lid models offer a simple, clean, and sturdy design that can handle any environment. Whether it's an intimate party, or a large scale reception, we here at have the cups and lids to fit your individual needs. Lightweight and recyclable, all of our wholesale plastic lids and plastic cups are designed to never break or leak before, during, or after typical use. Our plastic cups fit any industrial, residential, and commercial needs, and are available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via our online superstore. Our quality, name brand, disposable plastic cups and lids are available for purchase, whenever and wherever you are. Call or Click today to place an order for any of our quality, food service restaurant supplies, including our line of disposable plastic cups and lids, from - the online janitorial supplies superstore.

Our line of wholesale janitorial and cleaning supplies here at also includes a wide selection of Food Service Restaurant Supplies and Cups and Lids, including Plastic Cups and Lids. Our selection of quality, name brand plastic cups and lids offer a resilient, and highly reliable durability, with each and every use. Our wide variety of plastic cups and lids are an perfect fit for any industry or environment. Ideal for restaurants, parties, festivals, cafeterias, as well as residential homes, our fully disposable and recyclable cups are designed to hold up against any threat of break or leak before, during or after typical use. 100% user friendly, and a perfect fit for a wide variety of environments and applications, our plastic cups make life easier regardless of the situation. Our versatile designs offer the variety to fit any and all industrial, residential, and commercial needs. All of our user friendly cup and lid models offer a simple, dependable, and sturdy design that you can be depended on. From Clear Plastic Cups, and Clear Plastic Cups, to Colored Cups and Lids, as well as a wide selection of Lids, we have it all, and at a price that fit your budget. Call or Click today to purchase any of our quality food service restaurant supplies, including disposable plastic and paper cups and lids, from - the premier online cleaning products outfitter.

Are Plastic Cups Safe for Drinking?

There is some scientific evidence that some chemicals in plastic can be harmful to people, particularly BPA and phthalates. Research has shown that bisphenol A (BPA) can disrupt hormone and reproductive system function in animals and there has been some concern about its effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland in fetuses, infants, and children. Some studies have shown that phthalates can disrupt the endocrine system and can lead to malformations in the male reproductive system in animals

There is still much debate over whether phthalates and BPA can cause health problems in humans, and if there is a connection, how much exposure is necessary to cause these issues. While all of the information is being figured out, experts recommend caution, so here are some tips for reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals in plastics:

1.    Know the number - Check the bottom of the cup or plastic item to find the recycling symbol, which is a number between 1 and 7 in the middle of a triangle of arrows. These numbers are used to indicate the type of plastic used and can provide important information about safety. Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are considered safe numbers, while it is best to avoid numbers 3, 6 and 7. Plastics with 3 or 6 can leach chemicals that are harmful while number 7 includes plastics that contain BPA
2.    Avoid the microwave – Heat can cause harmful chemicals to leach from plastic at a quicker rate. Even plastics that are labeled microwave safe can leach small amounts. Although the FDA has determined that the small amounts are not harmful, if you are concerned at all, it’s best not to put your plastic cup or other plastic item in the microwave.
3.    Use it for its intended purpose – Disposable plastics are intended for single use and should be used only once. Many plastics with number 1, like disposable water bottles, should be used only once. Plastics can break down over time and are not designed to stand up to heating and cooling.
4.    Hand wash – The only plastics that should go into a dishwasher are those marked “dishwasher safe.” When some plastics are exposed to the heat of the water and drying element in the dishwasher it can cause them to leach chemicals. If you are still wary of washing those marked “dishwasher safe”, just wash it by hand or use glass or ceramic cups and plates.
5.    Do not freeze – Just like with dishwashers and microwaves, only put plastics marked “freezer safe” in the freezer. Extreme cold temperatures can cause plastic to deteriorate and leach chemicals into food when you remove the containers from the freezer.
6.    Don’t panic – While it’s a good idea to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals in plastics, other things in your life like smoking and poor diet pose a much higher risk.