Plates & Bowls - Disposable

Plates & Bowls - Disposable

Bulk Paper Plates & Bowls | Plastic & Foam Dinnerware carries a large selection of disposable dinnerware at the lowest wholesale prices around. Our selection of discount dinnerware runs the gamut from plastic and foam to paper plates and bowls. We have what you need whether you are shopping for decorative plastic plates for a formal event, or bulk plastic plates for an informal occasion. Most items are in stock and ready to ship! We offer wholesale paper plates and bowls from dependable name brands like Chinet and Dixie so you never have to sacrifice quality for low price. Our stock of disposable plates and bowls come in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you choose discount paper plates, foam or plastic, consider our compartment trays, ideal for controlling portion and keeping foods separate for pickier eaters. Our bowl options range from 6 to 12 oz. sizes to further help with portion control. For an upscale look without the upscale price, check out our stock of Masterpiece Premier Dinnerware, offering the look of fine china without the clean-up. Just dispose of them and spend more time with your guests instead of washing dishes. For your environmentally conscious consumers who are not willing to sacrifice their green ideals for convenience, we have a number of eco-friendly brands that use only 100% reclaimed and renewable materials.

Are paper plates better than Styrofoam?

There are many who will argue one way or another. Right off the bat, many would assume that paper is more environmentally-friendly than polystyrene (generic term for Styrofoam) since they are made from trees, whereas polystyrene is made from natural gas and petroleum derivatives. Trees are a renewable resource. Gas and petroleum are non-renewable. Case closed, right? No. Both paper and polystyrene have their pros and cons. Some paper plates have a polyethylene coating to stop liquids from penetrating. This waxy coating comes from fossil fuels, which are not environmentally-friendly resources. Manufacturing polystyrene plates require fewer resources and can be argued that because of the engineering process polystyrene is a more eco-friendly option than paper. Yet, paper plates will decompose faster than polystyrene. Both materials can be recycled but paper is much easier to recycle than foam since the recycling centers that accept foam are hard to come by. When comparing the two materials in the end, the difference in environmental impact seems to be small. Go with what you like, use less of whatever it is, and recycle as much as possible.

Can Styrofoam plates go in microwave? Can paper plates go in the microwave? Can plastic plates go in the microwave?

Always follow label instructions. If the packaging says the plates are microwave safe, then you can use them in the microwave. Is it the best idea to microwave polystyrene and plastic? You may want to use your own judgment on that one. Polystyrene is a type of plastic whose chemical makeup can seep into your food when heated. Certain plastic should never go in the microwave due to the plastic melting and poisoning your food. Yes, they might all be microwave-safe, but it is a better idea to reheat your food on a real plate in the microwave oven if given the choice.

Is Styrofoam recyclable?  Are paper plates recyclable? Are plastic plates recyclable?

Yes, all of the plates are recyclable. Styrofoam is in fact recyclable, but its acceptance is not extensively available. Polystyrene can be recycled in communities that offer foam #6 recycling. Paper plates are recyclable with other paper products. Plastic plates may also be disposed of with your plastic stream of recyclables.

What are sugarcane plates?

Can sugarcane plates be the answer to all of our disposable plate problems? Maybe. Sugarcane plates are strong, they are cut resistant, and do not allow grease to seep through them. They are microwave safe and freezer safe. They are a nice alternative to paper, plastic and polystyrene plates. This 100% reclaimed fiber and renewable raw resource material is compostable and biodegradable, so sugarcane plates are very environmentally-friendly with no trees or petroleum in sight.

Are paper plates biodegradable or decomposable?

Yes, some really are! Consumer Reports conducted a study on Chinet Classic White plates and Hefty Basics Plates claiming that they are as durably strong as they are “biodegradable in home composting.” Consumer Reports said Chinet disintegrated in just five weeks and Hefty completed disintegrated in an impressive three weeks! Some plates such as Dixie that never even claimed to be biodegradable also disintegrated in less than three months. This certainly is good news for Earth!

We can help you set the table whether you are shopping for an elegant dinner, or you just need cheap, disposable paper plates for a backyard picnic. Many of our wholesale plastic plates come in decorative patterns and designs that can easily substitute for fine china at a dinner party or shower, providing you with simple elegance without the upkeep. While paper plates are a mainstay in many homes, sometimes the occasion calls for something a little sturdier. Our microwave and freezer safe, or heavyweight paper, fiber, plastic or foam plates are always a smart and economical alternative that provide extra strength for even the messiest meals. Are you looking to create a theme? We offer a great selection of matching stemware, cups, cutlery and napkins to seamlessly coordinate with your top picks. With so many disposable dinnerware options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let our customer service associates help you.

Whether you are in the market for compartmentalized, foam, plastic, paper or sugarcane plates, we will take great care of you for less. Allow serve up your meals at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar retailers. Our disposable plates, bowls, tray and platters are all in stock and ready to ship. No need to wait long for your order to be fulfilled. Buy today, use tomorrow! We are your one-stop shop for not only disposable plates and bowls, but for all of your restaurant supplies and foodservice needs. Be certain to browse our online superstore and see what else we can help you save on. “Everyone is our customer!” Whether you are shopping for your residential home or for your commercial business, you can trust that we have the quality dinnerware you are in search for. We have something for everyone: the penny-pincher, the quality-seeker, the environmentally-conscious – we have you all covered. If you need attractive, strong, high-quality plates, we have them. Worried that your disposable bowls will leak and seep? We have liquid resistant bowls so your guests can enjoy their food rather than accidentally wearing it. Trust for the very best in quality, selection and price in disposable paper plates, bulk Styrofoam plates, bowls and so much more. Don’t take out word for it! Check out our website for yourself and see what else we can help you save on today!