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Food Containers

The invention of take-out Food Containers has changed our lives. We can buy our food on the run and even eat it on the run if we so choose. Life does not have to stop and wait for time-consuming proper sit-down mealtimes anymore. Carry-out food containers have allowed us a bit more freedom to eat when and where we want, even when we are on the go, which is good because many of us seem to rarely have the luxury to sit and eat each and every one of our meals anymore in such a fast-paced world. Time magazine wrote, “In recent years, the food delivery space has become one of the biggest and most lucrative in the tech world; in 2014, venture capitalists invested over $1 billion in the field, knowing full well that humans of whatever century will always be hungry—and will always be looking for a quick and convenient bite to eat.”

Whether you have your own restaurant, maintain a food truck, purchase for a cafeteria, or maybe even work in a soup kitchen, our top quality food containers here at are exactly what you need at prices that will not break the bank. Food containers allow for the preservation, mobility, storage and containment of foodstuffs and beverage items. We carry a vast selection of food containers to fit every want, need and budget. Our compartmentalized foam food containers with attached hinged lids are ideal for keeping food and drinks at the correct temperature. Their high insulation properties will maintain the proper temperature for both hot and cold food and beverages for transporting, storing and consuming directly from. Sturdy, dependable, insulating and affordable, our foam food containers are perfect for just about any application. We also carry in stock foam serving trays that can be used for both hot and cold foods. The compartments on the trays allow for fresher, more appetizing meals that effortlessly keep foods nicely separated from each other. Foam trays are a great money-saver for food serving locations such as cafeterias since the need for trays, plates and bowls are all eliminated in favor of a single tray that serves as all of those in one convenient package. If you happen to be in the market for foam cups and bowls for liquid items, we carry those too. Their insulating properties allow for the food and drinks to stay the proper temperature yet will not allow any liquids to seep through and the containers maintain a comfortable temperature to the touch without the fear of burning your hand. Our paper food baskets are great for holding, transporting and eating finger foods from. This excellent alternative to disposable dinnerware is perfect since it is recyclable paperboard but is still moisture-coated to resist any leakage.

Can I put Styrofoam food containers in the microwave?

As a rule, disposable foam containers are best used for transporting rather than reheating. Remember that polystyrene (the generic term for Styrofoam) is a type of plastic and some plastic does not fare too well heated in the microwave. If you need to reheat your food, it is usually best to transfer your food from the foam container to a microwavable-safe plate instead. Though even that rule is not all inclusive. For instance, Dart says, “Proper use of Dart polystyrene plastic cups or containers in a microwave oven is fine, as long as they are not overheated. The performance of Dart products in a microwave, however, may vary depending upon the type of food being heated, the length of heating time, and the intensity of the microwave oven.” It is best to read labels on the containers, use some common sense and always err on the side of safety.

Are wheat straw containers biodegradable?

Yes! Not only are these “green” plant fiber containers microwave safe and freezer safe, but are also fully-biodegradable and fully-compostable. These grease and cut-resistant containers are made from wheat straw, a rapidly renewable resource. How can wheat straw products be so sturdy and durable? The unique biopulping process warrants a great deal of strength and stability. 

Is it safe to keep food in plastic containers?

Again, always read the labels on the containers and check for microwave-safe and freezer-safe labeling before heating and freezing in the container. With that said, it is not the best idea to reheat food in plastic no matter what. It is always a better idea to transfer your food or drink to a non-plastic plate or cup since plastics contain possible harmful chemicals that can absorb into food when reheated.

Are food containers recyclable?

Read the label for the recycle symbol and recycle number to see if your community accepts it into their recycling program. Uncoated paper food containers and cardboard pizza boxes that have been rinsed of food are recyclable as are clear plastic clamshell containers so long as the recycling number for plastic are accepted in your municipality. Foam containers, usually labeled as plastic number 6, are a little more difficult to recycle and not many recycling plants will accept them.

Can you compost Chinese food containers? Can you recycle Chinese take-out containers? Can I microwave Chinese food containers?

No, you cannot compost Chinese food containers. Their waxy interior coating does not breakdown properly for composting. Instead, rinse out the dirty Chinese food container and throw it in your recycle bin. Can you microwave them? First of all if we are talking about the white and red paperboard containers, there is usually a metal handle on them. Even after removing the metal handle, Chinese food take out containers are still not meant to be microwaved. As always, read the container label first. Unless it specifically says microwave-safe on the container itself, chances are, it is best not to. 

How clean do my recyclables really have to be?

If you ever wondered if the recycling center in your locale will simply throw your recyclables in the landfill because it is simply too dirty and contaminating everything else in its wake, then relax. A quick rinsing in water should do the trick. You obviously do not want to chuck a full bottle of expired ketchup found in the very back of your pantry in the recycling bin, but also do not stress out about getting every last drop out of the bottle either. Take note though, a cleaner stream of recyclables are actually more beneficial your community since cleaner items are worth more in the market of recycling and require less manpower and reduces the cost to clean, says Mother Jones, a non-profit magazine. So take the extra minute or two to scrape the food and rinse out that container before tossing it into the recycling bin. It does not take much more effort and your community and the future generations of planet Earth will thank you for it.

How did food containers come about?

The most primitive man (and woman) used items found in nature such as leaves, coconut shells and even animal skin as food vessels. Paper, glass, wood boxes and cloth are some of the earliest known materials used for to make food packaging containers in the United States dating back to the days of the Colonists and much earlier than that in other parts of the world such as China. The airtight tin metal can used for the sealing of foods was said to have been invented in the 1800’s by a Frenchman named Nicholas Appert. Plastic food containers and packaging became popular in the middle of the 20th century. There are pros and cons to each one of the materials of food containers, but the main objective is to find the very best, nontoxic way to preserve, hold, store and transport food and beverages with the least amount of compromises or trade-offs with regards to expense, weight, convenience and safety.

Whichever type of food container you may be in the market for, chances are we have it, in stock and ready to be directly shipped out to you with minimal wait time. Searching for bakery boxes or a 10-inch diameter cake container? We have those. Or how about French fry cups and individual pizza slice carryout cartons? Fret not, we have those for you, too, and offer them, along with everything else on our site, at everyday discounted prices. We are your one-stop shop for all things related to restaurant and food. Our wide selection of top quality food containers are kept fully-stocked in our massive warehouse so you never have to wait long for your order to arrive. Whether you need recyclable cardboard pizza boxes, foil containers, clear plastic hinged food containers or multiple drink holders, we have exactly what you need at everyday low, wholesale prices. Browse our online superstore for not only food containers and other restaurant supplies but also for other snacks and breakroom supplies that you may need. Our quality, selection, customer service and prices are second to none. Don’t take our word for it. See what all the fuss is about for yourself. Check out our site and see what we can help you save on today and every day! Shop with us and save big – you will be so very happy you did!