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Floor Cleaning Machines

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Floor Cleaning Machines

Reliable floor cleaning machines are essential items for carpet cleaning contractors, janitorial crews and commercial cleaning companies. Our selection of high-quality floor cleaning equipment will make a huge impact on the quality of your cleaning as well as the time it takes. We offer a variety of commercial floor cleaning machines and accessories, including air movers, burnishers, carpet extractors and floor buffers. Ideal for cleaning services, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and office buildings, we carry only the best floor cleaning equipment that will get the job done while saving you money on labor time and cleaning supplies.

Whether you are looking for a burnisher, tile floor cleaner machine, or a high speed floor buffer to clean your hardwood and non-carpeted floors or perhaps a carpet extractor for a deep clean for your carpeting, we have them at the lowest prices around. Many of our floor machines are in stock and ready to ship. With top brand names like Eureka and Hoover, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality cleaning floor machines at a price that will work with your budget. is the leading wholesaler of professional janitorial supplies, offering the best in floor and carpet care, including a large inventory of commercial floor cleaning machines. 

What is a floor cleaning machine?

A floor cleaning machine is a device that cleans floors. A floor cleaning machine can be in the form of carpet extractors, floor scrubbers, floor buffers, floor polishers, or floor burnishers. Many floor cleaning machines perform multiple duties such as cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming all in one.  

What are the advantages of using a floor cleaning machine? 

Floor machines can get the cleaning job done more efficiently in the least amount of time. This will boost worker productivity and reduce fatigue while keeping costs down. Though easier on the worker, riding floor cleaning machines tend to cost more than push floor scrubbers, so if money is an issue consider this factor when shopping.

How do I use a floor cleaning machine?

Depending upon which type of floor cleaning machine you are using, most floor cleaning machines will run between 2 and 4 hours on a full battery charge, so prepare the floor you are cleaning ahead of time to make the most of your timetable. Be forewarned, it could take between 6 to 8 hours for a full battery charge, so it’s important to plan accordingly. A single battery charge could clean as much as a 50,000 to 70,000 square foot area, so in order to cover as much ground as possible, first get familiar with the basics before turning it on. Always read the floor cleaning machine instructions on the manual before starting so that you can acquaint yourself with the full functions of the machine.

Prepare the floor you about to clean by removing furniture and any other obstacles that will slow down the cleaning process. Remember, you only have a limited amount of time before the battery will need a recharge and that takes many hours to complete. If the floor is non-carpeted, clean the floor by using a dust mop. No trash, debris or objects should be left on the floor’s surface. Alert others by putting up “caution” and “wet floor” signs around the perimeter of the room you are prepping to clean.

Consult the manual for the correct chemical cleaner to use as well as the correct amount of cleaner to use and type of brush or pad to use for the floor you are cleaning. Generally, a neutral cleaning solution would be used on finished floors, while a heavy-duty de-greaser would be likely used on rough concrete floors like those found in industrial areas, warehouses and garages. Once you have selected the type of pad or brush to use for the surface you are cleaning, attach it to the bottom of the machine. Usually, pads are used to clean smooth surfaces like finished floors while the scrubber brushes are mainly for the rougher, more uneven floors like concrete and those floors with grout lines where dirt and grime easily settle.

Things to check on the floor machine before starting are as follows: tight hose connections, tight squeegee connection, and check around for any leaks or damage to the machine. If the machine is damaged in any way, do not use before fixing the issue.

Fill the solution tank with fresh water. Start cleaning from the outside in, making sweeping turns with a wide radius to that the squeegee is able to easily draw up the solution. Clean half the room at a time for optimal time efficiency. For those tight spaces, be sure to have a mop and bucket handy. Repeat the process for floors that need some extra cleansing.

When finished cleaning, move the floor cleaning machine to a floor drain or a slop sink to empty out the dirty liquid. Many floor cleaning machines will come equipped with a dump hose that makes this process fairly simple. Now is the perfect time to grab a water hose to clean out the inside of the recovery tank. Continue flushing until the water runs clean from the drain hose.

Once the floor is completely dry you may now put away the “caution” and “wet floor” signs and move all of the furniture and objects that you removed back into the room and rearrange properly. The floors should look, feel and smell as good as new! offers you high quality floor burnishers that will clean and polish floors to a high shine, ensuring this as the ideal commercial floor cleaner for business and hotel lobbies. With their high speeds, large areas can be covered quickly with minimal inconvenience to clients and guests. Commercial floor scrubber machines are able to clean and vacuum in just one pass, offering a more hygienic alternative to a mop and bucket and ideal for a number of locations and floor types. Looking for a carpet extractor? Our online superstore carries them in a number of styles and sizes for big or small clean-ups. Whether you are cleaning carpets, hardwood floors or ceramic tile floors, be sure to check out our wide selection of air movers to help speed up drying time and don’t forget about the pads and brushes for your floor cleaning machines.

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