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Pest Control

Wholesale Pest Control Products

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Can Pesticides Harm My Pets?

Pest control is important when you have pets as keeping certain insects at bay will protect your furry friends as well as your family. The question is, can the pesticides being used to protect your pets end up making them ill?
The National Pesticide Information Center provides some comprehensive information on pesticides and pets. You can check out their Topic Fact Sheet on their website for more details, but here is some information that can be helpful to pet owners who are concerned about the use of pesticides.

While the use of pesticides to control insects, weeds, germs and rodents can be beneficial, it is important to plan well and use them properly to avoid any harm coming to your pets.

Animals can be exposed to pesticides in a few different ways; they can breathe them in, absorb them through the skin, or ingest them. How much your pet is exposed to and the toxicity of the product to the specific type of animal determines how much of risk it is. If you are using store bought pesticides you can lower the risk to your pet by following directions for use, selecting pesticides that are low in toxicity, and minimizing your pet’s exposure to the pesticide during and after application.

Precautions for Pesticide Use Indoors
To reduce the risks, remove your pet as well as pet toys, beds, foot and water bowls from any areas you will be treating with pesticides before applying the product. Cover fish tanks to prevent vapors or dust from entering the tank. Central heating and air conditioning can help circulate airborne pesticides so you may want to consider turning them off. Refer to label instructions for how long pets should be kept away from treated areas. Many products will suggest keeping pets away until surfaces are dry. If you are using rodent or insect baits, keep them in spots that are not easily accessed by pets. 

Using Pesticides Outdoors

Some of the precautions for outdoors are the same as indoors. You should remove pets as well as their toys, food, and water from areas being treated. Keep pets out of the treated area until pesticides have dried completely; otherwise, residues can be tracked back into the home. Granular products may have more specific instructions for watering granules into the soil after application, which may require pets to be kept out of the treated area for a longer amount of times, perhaps 24 hours or more. Check label instructions or call the National Pesticide Information Center (1-800-848-7378) for information on how long to keep pets out of treated areas.

Outdoor baits may have the same attraction to your pets as the rodents and insects you are trying to catch. Pets have been known to even dig them up when placed underground, so use extreme caution when using these types of products.

It should be noted again that it is important to refer to the instructions for the specific product you are using. Once you’ve finished with them, make sure all pesticides are securely stored away to prevent pets and children from accessing them.