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Here at we understand the importance of keeping your environment clean and fresh smelling for all who enter, whether it is a residential or business location. We carry a wide range of odor control products, including metered commercial air fresheners, at prices that won’t break your budget. Designed with many great features, these dispensers are ideal for use in any location where disagreeable odors may frequently pop up. We stock automatic air freshener dispensers that range from simple units for use in residential bathrooms and kitchens to larger dispensers that provide up to 180 days of air freshener between refills, great for use in businesses and public restrooms. Regardless what model you choose, these convenient metered dispensers allow the user to control the spray intensity and frequency of air freshener. Once you have set your automatic air fresheners, you can focus on other tasks because these units will continue to work until a refill is needed, which could be as long as 6 months! The Duet Metered Dispenser is designed to accommodate two complementary scents and alternate between them for extra, long lasting freshness.

What are air fresheners?

Air fresheners are products that consumer use in their homes to rid the indoor air of any offensive smells. There are commercial air fresheners that are used primarily in restrooms that will produce a pleasant fragrance throughout the air rather than foul odors.

What are the different types of air fresheners? 

There are many different types, brands and even methods of freshening indoor air. There are such kinds of air fresheners as sprays, candles, electrical plug-in, gels, beads and oils all used to control odors. Some people choose to make their own air fresheners from everyday household items such as baking soda, vinegar or citrus oil. House plants have also been known to freshen up the indoor air we breathe, aiding in the removal of airborne toxic substances naturally.

How do air fresheners work? clarifies a complicated answer into an easier-to-understand summarized explanation, “Molecules that you can smell tend to be highly volatile. That is, they easily turn from liquid to gas, even at room temperature. That's what the sense of smell is for: it's tuned to detect the kinds of molecules that drift in the air. Spray air fresheners are aerosols. The name ‘aerosol’ means ‘dissolves in air.’ That refers to the propellant, which is liquid when under pressure, but a gas at standard pressure. When allowed to escape, what are tiny particles at first quickly evaporate. They mix in the fragrance molecules, which are carried along with the propellant as it escapes. They're now spread out into the air, where you can smell them, and covering up whatever bad odors are in the air. Some also include ‘odor counteractants,’ which reduce your sensitivity to all smells. The goal is to slightly anesthetize your nose so that the bad smells don't seem so bad.”

Wikipedia explains the long, highly-detailed answer, “The control of odors is addressed by five classes of mechanisms:
•Adsorption: Adsorbents like zeolite, activated charcoal or silica gel may be used to remove odors
•Oxidation: ozone, hydrogen peroxide, peroxide, chlorine, chlorate and other oxidizing agents can be used to oxidize and remove organic sources of odors from surfaces and, in the case of ozone, from the air as well
•Air sanitizer: Odors caused by airborne bacterial activity can be removed by air sanitizers that inactivate bacteria
•Surfactants and soaps
•Masking: Overwhelming an odor with another odor by any of the means described above”

Wikipedia goes on to say in even greater detail, “Delivery of the above air freshener mechanisms falls into two broad categories: continuous action and instant action. Continuous action products include scented candles and devices which use a candle flame or some other heat source to heat and vaporize a fragrance formulation, incense burners, wall plug-ins which either use piezoelectric technology to aerosolize fragrance or heat to vaporize it, fragrance impregnated gels which release fragrance as the gel evaporates sometimes with the help of an electric fan, wick and reed diffusers which release fragrance by evaporation from fragrance-soaked wicks or wooden reeds; and fragrance impregnated materials like floor wax, paper, plastics, wood which release fragrance by off gassing; and lastly nebulization systems which convert liquid fragrances into a vapor in a cold process without the use of heat. Instant action systems are mainly aerosol sprays, or atomizers. The aerosol spray uses a propellant and fragrance packaged under pressure in a sealed metal or glass container with a valve which is opened by pressing down a button which contains a spray nozzle – the actuator. When the container's valve is opened by pressing the actuator, fragrance is forced through the spray nozzle located inside the actuator to create a mist of droplets containing fragrance. These droplets are 30 to 50 micrometers in diameter. The atomizer is a glass, metal or plastic container of fragrance which operates in a similar fashion except that the actuator is a pump which when pressed a few times creates the pressure to aspirate the fragrance from the container through a tube into the actuator and spray nozzle. The mist created contains droplets 50 to 150 micrometers in diameter. A recently developed type of aerosol packages a plastic bag of fragrance into a can. The bag is attached to the valve/actuator/spray nozzle and sealed in the can surrounded by air under pressure. When the actuator is pressed, the valve opens and the liquid forced through the nozzle by the pressure around the bag. This is called ‘bag-on-valve’ technology. Air fresheners introduce fragrance into the air of interior spaces either as droplets which transition to vapor, or as the molecules of fragrance ingredients directly evaporating from a source. Fragrance diffuses into the air to mask other odors or to introduce a specific odor.” That information was provided those who really wanted to get more technical about how air fresheners work.

What is the most effective air freshener?

The number one most effective air freshener is to physically remove the source of the unpleasant odor, then induce proper ventilation. If Fido’s breath, Kitty’s litter, your chain-smoking aunt, or the delicious but terribly stinky roasted Brussel sprouts cannot be eliminated from the home, after all, you have to eat your veggies, then an air freshener can come to the rescue making a room, a certain area or the whole house smell much better. Air fresheners use various chemical agents to neutralize the odor and leave a cleaner, fresher scent of choice to linger behind instead.

What is the best automatic air freshener for the home?

A test for the effectiveness of air fresheners was conducted by and here are the results in order of the best being at the top of the list: 
1.Natural Bamboo Charcoal 
2.Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener
3.Febreze Noticables
4.Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener
5.Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener
6.Glade Sense & Spray
7.Febreze Set and Refresh
8.Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel
9.Air Wick Scented Oil Freshener
10.Smells Begone Odor Neutralizing Gel Beads

Are air fresheners cancerous? Can air fresheners cause asthma or allergies?

If you are using air fresheners at home or in your car on a regular basis, you should be warned that they can release air-polluting chemicals that could make you sick. Some of the most popular air fresheners on the market may contain certain chemicals that studies have been shown to increase health problems. Some have been known to cause serious issues like birth defects, tissue damage and even lung cancer in lab rats, but can be reasonably assumed it can cause these same types of health issues in humans, too. Air fresheners do work at clearing out unpleasant air odors, but both sprays and plug-in fragrances can cause an allergic reaction in more sensitive individuals and for those who suffer from asthma, so use with caution.

Are plug in air fresheners safe during pregnancy?

There are many things one should avoid while pregnant. If you could keep away from using air fresheners during this important developmental time, it would be advisable. It would be safest to find a more natural means of odor control during those nine or so months. Many of the commercial air fresheners on the market today contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and artificial fragrances which would be best to avoid routinely inhaling for the health of both you and your baby during this vital period since some contain chemicals that have been known to cause birth defects in unborn children.

Is air freshener safe for babies?

Practice common sense around children. Obviously, never spray air freshener so close to your baby that he/she can inhale it directly or that the particles land on not only the baby’s skin but onto any surface that the baby could be in contact with. Babies have a habit of placing everything in their mouth, so exercise extreme caution around all children, regardless of age. Studies have shown that some air fresheners contain certain chemicals in them, such as phthalates, which are said to negatively affect growing babies. If you are using air freshener in your home, just be sure to use it in areas where your baby will not be.

How do automatic air fresheners work?

“Automatic air fresheners work by releasing the encapsulated scent at a set time, or under preset conditions. Some fresheners operate by releasing a quick burst of scent every minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes so that you don't become too accustomed to the smell. Other kinds operate by having a light sensor or motion sensor attached, and releasing a burst of fragrance whenever this sensor is tripped,” explains Lee Wyatt at Tips.Net.

When dealing with disagreeable odors, it is important to neutralize them, not just mask them with overpowering fragrance. We carry automatic air freshener refills and dispensers that will eliminate odors altogether from trusted brand names like Air Wick, Lysol, Yankee Candle and more. Whether you are looking for a dispenser, fragrance refills in an assortment of scents, or a starter kit to get you on your way to a fresher environment, we’ve got them in stock and ready to ship to your doorstep.

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