Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant Supplies

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What are restaurant supplies?

Restaurant supplies are products, equipment and other essential items needed to run a food service business.

Which is the essential equipment for food service businesses?

Rich Lansdale of Toast published “The 10 Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List” for his blog on 11/5/16. He prepared a comprehensive list of important supplies (plus some extras at the end) to go by when starting a restaurant and is as follows:

Freezers and Refrigerators: these industrial-grade units “are a key purchase for any food handling operation.”

Food Preparation Counters: these are the “prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces” that are essential to any kitchen. Lansdale suggests considering stainless steel since it “is sturdy against corrosion, resists attack from food and meat juices, and can withstand the harsh cleaning products used in commercial kitchens.”

Slicers: you will need these to cut meats and cheeses along with other foods. He suggests to consider beforehand how much this appliance will be used. Choose a manual, less expensive slicer if it won’t see much daylight or think about purchasing a more expensive electric slicer if it will be used often and is needed for precise proportions. Since an electric slicer is automatic, it will save on time and labor. Additionally, many of the electric slicers can operate manually with the flip of a switch so it could be something to consider if the budget and need allows for the purchase.

if your food service business involves baking or the making of breads, a commercial mixer will be an essential purchase for your kitchen. There are two types of mixers:

Spiral M
ixer – is great for mixing dense foods like dough. A spiral mixer has a spiral-shaped mixing attachment and can mix a high capacity of dough at rapid speed.

Planetary Mixer – is perfect for every other mixing task in your kitchen. This versatile mixer operates with the mixing bowl rotating around the agitator and have a slower mixing speed yet is ideal for whipping foods. Planetary mixers are available in countertop models as well as larger floor models.

Food Processors: there are many types of food processors and you will need to purchase one of them for your food service and restaurant business. Lansdale explains the differences between the four main types of food processors:

Batch Bowl Processor
– will collect food as it processes into a plastic or stainless steel bowl.

Continuous Feed Food Processors
– allows for user to continuously add food as it is processing then empties it into a separate vessel. This type of processor is common in commercial kitchens because it helps minimize prep time for larger quantities of food.

Buffalo Choppers
– are heavy-duty processors that are sturdy, durable and are capable of many different functions.

Combination Processors
– these units are a mixture of both batch bowl and continuous feed processors. Although these processors come with a bowl, the simple addition of an attachment will allow the option of collecting the chopped food in a separate container.

Range: like the refrigerator and freezer, the range is an essential food service piece of equipment. Visual-flame gas ranges are the most popular choice among commercial chefs. Alternatively, like residential ranges, there are also electric stove tops that use standard heating coils under a smooth glass cooktop or induction stove tops that use magnetic coils beneath the ceramic surface to generate heat but require special magnetic cookware to function properly.

Ovens: if your restaurant will be baking, consider a convection oven which has a fan that blows hot air around the food in the oven. This type of oven will not only bake evenly, but will roast and toast at faster rate and a lower temperature. For batter-based foods, a regular oven may be preferable.

Sinks: any chef knows the importance of clean running water in a kitchen. A triple-sink wash station and a commercial dishwashing unit will likely be required installation purchases by your local health authority.

Shelving: perhaps shelves may not have initially been on your list of needed purchases until now. Shelving is perfect for allocating for more countertop space for prepping foods. Shelves allow for simple organization for the storing of food, spices, small equipment, tools and other appliances at eye level for quick retrieval, replacement and a visual reminder for reordering when supplies get low.

Safety Equipment: this type of equipment should never be overlooked or forgotten. Safety products like fire extinguishers and sanitation equipment must be in good working order and up to fire code standards in order to pass inspection and keep your workers, patrons and investment safe.

Odds and Ends: there are still some other important items that every food service establishment will need such as a range hood for proper ventilation and perhaps a flat grill, deep fryer or other such equipment depending upon the types of food your restaurant will be offering.

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