Air Freshener & Odor Control

Air Freshener & Odor Control

Air Freshener & Odor Control

We all want our home or business to be a welcoming place for our guests and employees and there are not many things that are less welcoming than unpleasant odors. Disagreeable smells are problematic. Fortunately, a high quality odor control product can help. offers a vast assortment of air fresheners and odor control products to keep your environment smelling fresh. Best of all, every odor control product is in stock and available at low, wholesale prices suited for any budget. We carry a variety of odor control products so you can find the best air freshener that fits your environment and needs. We have all the air deodorizers you need, from spray air fresheners, metered dispensers and restroom freshening products to fan dispensers, gel packs, liquid deodorants and dry deodorants from trusted name brands, such as Glade, Febreze, Renuzit, and Lysol.

If you handle the maintenance responsibilities for public restrooms, browse our selection of bathroom air fresheners and urinal screens, as well as bowl deodorants, cleaners and floor mats to keep your high traffic bathroom smelling fresh. For any location that may need a quick shot of fresh fragrance from time to time, our aerosol air fresheners are ideal and cost effective. Do not like the fallout that comes from a spray air freshener? Check out our line of dry deodorants that quickly eliminate odors with an ultra dry formula. Metered air dispensers allow you to control the spray intensity and frequency of your air freshener. Wall mountable, convenient and virtually maintenance free, these metered air dispensers provide consistent, reliable odor control that you can set and forget for up to 45 days, depending on the model you choose.

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Which Air Fresheners Are the Best?

Nobody wants to walk into a room that smells unpleasant. Sometimes, unpleasant odors happen if you have pets, have cooked a particularly stinky meal or maybe you burned that stinky meal. When you are trying to rid your home or office of particularly bad smells, an air freshener can be a fast and effective way to eliminate odors. Many environmental groups suggest that you just open a window, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful and less chilly if it happens to be the dead of winter.

Air fresheners are formulated to make spaces smell better. You can buy them in a spray, plug-in, automatic spray, beads, candles, oil or gel and include different chemical agents. Some simply cover up unpleasant smells with a more pleasant smell, while others actually neutralize and eliminate odors. Here are some top-rated air fresheners according to

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray
Everybody knows that some of the worst smells there are originate in a restroom. Poo-Pourri does something many other air fresheners cannot do; it kills odors before they start. This handy product is designed to be sprayed in the toilet BEFORE you go, creating a protective barrier on the water’s surface to trap odors. It contains essential oils and natural compounds so it is safer than most air freshener sprays. The little bottles are great for throwing in your purse for those times when you have to go on the go, saving you from any embarrassing moments in public restrooms. Poo-Pourri is just as good for use in the home to spare the rest of your family from any unpleasant bathroom smells. Each bottle allows for 100 uses, so it will last a while. The toilet sprays come in a variety of scent and sizes so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your needs.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag
The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is non-toxic, fragrance and chemical-free. It can be used in a space up to 90 sq. ft. to naturally absorb odors as well as de-humidify a room by absorbing moisture to prevent mold and mildew. The bag is filled with Moso bamboo charcoal and can actually improve the air, making it safer than an aerosol spray. The linen bag can be placed on any surface or material, so you can use it in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, shoes, cars, or pretty much any location where you need to absorb odors and eliminate moisture without the use of harmful chemicals. Its value is incredible, lasting almost 2 years and when the 2 years are up, you can pour the charcoal into your garden as extra nourishment for your plants.

Air Wick Scented Oil Air Freshener
This plug-in air freshener provides continuous, long-lasting fragrance and is one of the top selling electric air fresheners on the market. It’s small, sleek, and easy to use. You simply plug it in, insert the refill and choose the fragrance intensity. Set on the lowest intensity, each refill will last about 45 days. You can buy the refills in a 3-pack so you always have a back-up. The air freshener oil comes in a variety of scents throughout the year. It is great for use in any home or office space and can be especially effective in restrooms.

GermGuardian Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer and Odor Reducer
This air freshener uses natural UV-C lighting to eliminate cooking, smoke, pet, and mold odors. The lighting destroys odors and allergens like dust mites, mold spores, viruses, germs, and airborne bacteria, naturally sanitizing the air without the use of chemicals. The GermGuardian is safe for use around kids and pets and its design is sleep and compact so it’s great for small spaces. This air freshener is designed with a plug that turns three ways so it will work in any outlet. It works without the use of a filter so the only maintenance required is replacing the UV-C light every 6 to 8 months.

Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener
Febreze Air Freshener Spray freshens the air with a variety of scents and even claims to eliminate tough odors and prevent them from returning. The spray itself is clean with no sticky residue. Febreze has a 100% natural propellant for the aerosol can and contains no CFCs or phosphates, although the product is not a natural product. It does contain some chemicals which can cause issues for those with allergies or asthma.

Everybody has their own opinions about which air fresheners they prefer, but hopefully this list provides a little guidance.