Office Supplies

Office Supplies

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What are office supplies?

Wikipedia describes that office supplies are consumables and equipment regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written communications, recordkeeping or bookkeeping, janitorial and cleaning, and for storage of supplies or data. The range of items classified as office supplies varies, and typically includes small, expendable, daily use items, consumable products, small machines, higher cost equipment such as computers, as well as office furniture and art.

What are common office supplies?

For the most comprehensive list of specific common office supplies and other items you would need to run a successful office refer to “The Ultimate Office Supply Checklist” complied by Rashelle Isip who is an organization, time management, and productivity consultant at The full and complete list is as follows:

•Printer paper
•Three-hole punched paperz
•Graph paper
•Tracing paper
•Carbon paper
•Color card stock
•Heavy-duty card stock
•Wrapping paper
•Greeting cards and envelopes
•Business cards

Envelopes and Boxes
•#10 regular envelopes (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches)
•Legal envelopes
•Padded legal envelope mailers
•Postage stamps
•Envelope sealer
•Packaging bubble
•Cardboard boxes (small, medium, large)

Notebooks and Notepads
•Composition notebooks
•Spiral-bound notebooks
•Legal pads
•Steno pads

Binder Items
•Binder tabs
•Binder pockets
•Clear binder document holders
•Hole puncher
•Three-hole puncher

Filing Cabinet
•Manila folders
•Hanging folders
•Folder tabs

Small Office Supplies
•Stapler remover
•Box cutter
•Paperclips (small, medium, large)
•Binder clips (small, medium, large)
•Clear cellophane tape dispenser
•Clear cellophane tape
•Masking tape
•Packing tape
•Duct tape
•Sticky notes (small, medium, large)
•Bookmark sticky flags (small, medium, large)
•White glue
•Rubber cement
•Tacky wall mount gum
•Hanging hooks
•Magnifying glass

Writing Implements
•Pencil sharpener
•Mechanical pencils
•Mechanical pencil lead refills
•Black all-purpose markers
•Rubber stamps
•Ink pad
•Correction fluid
•Dry/Wet erase board
•Dry/Wet erase markers
•Dry/Wet erase spray

Office Storage
•Magazine holders
•Bulletin board
•Letter opener
•Pen holder
•In/Out box
•Document sorter/holder
•Supply trays and containers

Electrical Items
•Computer and monitor
•Toner or print cartridges
•Postage meter
•Projection device
•Digital camera
•Label maker
•Laminating machine
•Fax machine
•Extension cords
•Surge protectors

•First-aid kit
•Fire extinguisher
•Disinfectant wipes
•Hand sanitizer
•Window cleaner
•Paper toweling
•Facial tissues
•Vacuum cleaner
•Garbage bags
•Shredder oil
•Computer screen and keyboard cleaner
•Pressured air (to clean keyboard)
•“Open/Close” sign to hang on exterior door

•Filing cabinets
•Waste basket
•Recycling bin

What should I never keep on my office desk?

According to Business Insider there are items that should be kept on your desk but there are also a list of things that should never be at your desk for the most organized and productive workday and they are:

1.Lunch – eat lunch away from your desk. Taking a break is good for your productivity.
2.Dirty Coffee Mugs – toss empty coffee cups to avoid extra clutter in your workspace.
3.Political Items – it’s best to keep your political views separate from the office.
4.Legal Paperwork – keep legal and confidential documents out of sight.
5.Cell Phone – unless it is business-related, your personal cell phone is a distraction even with notifications turned off.
6.Sweets – keep sweets away from your desk to avoid temptation, especially if you’re trying to be healthy.
7.Resume – this seems obvious but having your resume in plain sight on your desk could be a hint to your boss that you are trying to leave your job.
8.Air Fresheners – much like perfume or cologne, not everyone enjoys the same scent or some may have allergies. Keep air fresheners out of the office.
9.Personal Care Products – keep personal hygiene items tucked away in a drawer or leave at home.

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