Safety Supply

Safety Supply

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Safety Supplies offers the very best in safety supply and facility maintenance products at low, wholesale prices. We know that accidents can happen to matter how vigilant you are about safety, so we offer you products to help prevent accidents or deal with them when they happen, such as blood clean-up kits, coveralls, exam table rolls, eye protection, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, safety signs, safety tape, shoe covers, liquid spill sorbents and more. Whether you happen to be an industrial worker, business manager, or just a cautious homeowner, we have the solutions to any hazardous situation, no matter how big or small.

Our online superstore stocks some of the most trusted name brands on the market, including: 3M, Acme United, Kiddie, Rubbermaid, Kimberly Clark and more to keep work areas safe for your employees, visitors and customers. We understand the risks of working in a facility or warehouse and the problems that can happen if those risks are not addressed. Our vast assortment of safety supplies will help you deal with those hazards. Whether you are stocking up for a new business or re-ordering supplies for an already established business, we can accommodate you with high quality products, fast turn-around and no hassle savings.

Have a question about our selection of safety supplies? We specially train our customer service representatives so that they know our products from A to Z. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website, you will immediately be connected with one of our knowledgeable employees ready to answer any question you have to help you make an informed purchase. Here at we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products at low prices along with superior customer service, so why shop anywhere else? Make us your go-to website for both all of your janitors supply and safety supply needs.