Trash Bags & Can Liners

Trash Bags & Can Liners

Trash Bags & Garbage Can Liners carries the largest selection of wholesale trash bags and commercial garbage can liners at discount prices for use in any residential, commercial or industrial environment. We have a huge selection of plastic trash liners in sizes that vary in capacity from 4 to 60 gallons to meet all of your clean-up needs and fit every budget. Whether you're a homeowner looking to purchase just one item or a small box, or if you're a janitorial contractor looking to stock up in bulk, we offer a variety of wholesale trash bags that are ready to ship fast. At, Everyone Is Our Customer!

For medical facilities, doctor’s offices and hospitals, our online trash bag superstore carries a line of biohazard waste bags, to allow for proper disposal of waste items contaminated with biological matter. Heavy-duty clean-ups such as around construction sites require something reliable that can handle waste with sharp or jagged edges. We carry a large assortment of low density industrial garbage bags that offer additional stretch and strength to provide exceptional tear and puncture resistance. Our stock of high density, commercial plastic trash can liners are the perfect fit for home, office or restroom trash without sharp edges. If you recycle, choose from colored or clear trash bags in various sizes and gallon capacities for your recycling program at home or at the office. takes great pride in offering the highest quality industrial janitorial supplies, including our extensive selection of plastic garbage bags and plastic trash liners. We’ve got exactly what you need to dispose of waste properly. Whether you are in search of bulk trash bags for heavy duty construction clean-ups or simply need small kitchen garbage can liners, we have many in stock to choose from. Save time and money, buy wholesale trash bags in bulk!

What is a can liner?

A can liner is another term for trash bag, garbage bag, or bin bag. The purpose of the bag or liner is to be able to easily dispose of trash and garbage with minimal contact. The bag lines the inside of the can preventing the can from becoming crusted in waste. It is a much more sanitary option than simply throwing our litter into an empty trash bin. Can liners are typically made of a lightweight yet durable plastic material and are waterproof, so throwing away and containing messy, wet garbage is an easier task. They not only aid in keeping the trash can itself cleaner but have many other uses such as holding debris outside of the can when the can needs to be emptied and minimizing odor from refuse. Many people use trash bags both in the home and outside of the home. Many businesses and public areas also use can liners as it is the most hygienic way to dispose of trash and garbage.

What is a bin bag made of?

A bin bag or trash bag is usually manufactured from a raw material called resin. It allows the bag to become lightweight, pliable, durable, affordable and waterproof. There a different types of bags: high and low density whose differences are explained below. A Gauge is a term used in the trash bag production industry that describes the thickness of a bag. A Gauge of a bag is usually measured in either Microns or Mils. More information on Mils and Microns are also further explained below.

What is a low-density trash bag? What is a high-density trash bag? What is the difference between high density and low density trash bags?

Low density trash bags are the durable bags most people rely on because of their resistance to puncture or tear easily. Low Density can liners are perfect for kitchen trash cans and for disposing of sharp objects like glass. These types of garbage bags are popular because of their high-quality strength and resilience yet are still quite affordable.

High density trash bags are for those who need to contain a large amount of refuse. High density bags are manufactured from resins with a high molecular density. They are not very elastic like the low density bags; therefore, these bags should be used in situations where the trash is not comprised of sharp objects and material. While sharp objects are not recommended for high density bag containment, these trash bags are capable of holding a much larger amount of trash per bag.

Which is thicker: a mil or a micron of plastic?

A micron is thicker than a mil. A Micron is a measurement based on one hundred thousandths of an inch of thickness. Microns are a measurement of thickness that is typically found in High Density Bags. Usually ranging from anywhere between 6 to around 24 Microns, these bags are able to hold a large amount of material that similar bags cannot.

Similar to the way Microns are measured, a Mil measurement is based on an incredibly small measurement. A Mil is a measurement of a thousandth of an inch of thickness, and are a measurement of thickness that is typically found in Low Density Bags. Usually ranging from anywhere between .30 to around 2.0, these bags are able to be thinner, more stretchable, and puncture-resistant than other comparable bags.

Are plastic garbage bags safe for food?

No. Never use a plastic trash bag for edible food items. The plastic used for trash bags is not food-grade material and the chemicals used to manufacture these products will leech into the food causing serious health problems. Stick with food-grade, food-safe storage bags for storing and cooking food items.

Our inventory of high density commercial trash bags (High density bags are measured in microns which is one thousandth .001 of a millimeter. A higher mic count means a stronger bag) are ideal for use in office buildings and restrooms, or any location that collects mainly paper waste and rubbish without sharp objects such as binders or heavy sheet metals, etc.

For disposal of sharper objects and tough transport conditions, low density black or clear trash bags (Low density bags are measured in mil count which is one thousandth .001 of an inch. A higher mil count means a thicker bag) are recommended. These feature exceptional tear resistance and are perfect for industrial use.

We also carry an assortment of brand name small, wholesale garbage bags such as Glad and Hefty drawstring bags for both kitchen and outdoor lawn and garden use. Our stock of biohazard waste bags for medical facilities range in size from 10 gallons to 55 gallons to accommodate both exam room waste containers and bigger bags when collecting large amounts of medical waste.

And remember, if you need help, simply call our 1-800 toll free number or click on our live chat to speak with one of our knowledgeable team member to assist you choose the right liner for your application. Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can shop for wholesale garbage can liners, industrial strength plastic trash liners, clear trash bags, or medical waste can liners any time of the day or night at your convenience. offers the largest variety of large and small heavy duty bags around at prices no competitor can match.

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