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Toilet paper is a necessary item in homes, businesses, schools, restaurants and any location with a restroom, but some of the big retail stores can charge big bucks for these if they stock the proper items for your needs. Lucky for you, carries a huge selection paper products and dispensers including wholesale toilet paper that is in stock and ready to ship fast. We carry bulk toilet paper options and even by the pallet from the most trusted brands such as Cascades, Kimberly-Clark Scott, Cottonelle, Boardwalk Paper, Windsoft Paper, Angel Soft and Charmin toilet tissue all at discount prices. You can easily choose the type of bath tissue you need for your household or commercial applications by clicking the category of your choice for regular standard toilet paper rolls, coreless rolls in either standard or jumbo size, or commercial jumbo 9" or 12" JRT tissue to fit your office restroom dispenser. When you shop our online store, you'll find exactly what you need to keep your bathroom stocked and sanitary.

Which toilet paper is best?

Consumer Reports says it is impressed with Walmart and Walgreen brands, but Scott Extra Soft and Quilted Northern Ultra Plush were also in the top five with Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare, Charmin Ultra Soft, Scott Tube Free mentioned in their top ten picks for strength, softness, disintegration, and tearing ease. Depending on the restroom location, the best toilet paper question may be subjective. The best toilet paper to business owners may mean the least expensive 1-ply, while for homeowners it may mean something entirely different such as having the least amount of residual lint. If toilet paper dust or lint residue is an issue, choosing a less plush, less soft toilet tissue might alleviate some of that problem.

Which toilet paper is best for septic systems?

While only human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down a toilet, if you have a septic system even the toilet paper may be a concern. Fortunately, most toilet paper brands on the market today are septic tank safe. Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper claims to break up four times faster than the leading toilet paper brand. When septic tank issues arise, it is not always that the toilet paper is the culprit. People flush all sorts of things down the toilet that should not go down a toilet drain and through plumbing. Never flush wipes, even if they say they are flushable. Never flush feminine products down the toilet. Consumer Reports advises, “Don’t use your toilet as a wastebasket. Toss used wipes into an actual garbage can. The same advice holds true for tissues and paper towels.” Toilet paper is specifically manufactured to quickly and fully disintegrate in water, while none of the aforementioned items are. They may fit down the initial toilet drain, but do not disintegrate and will cause huge problems further down the pipeline. Sewer problems are ones that you do not want to deal with or have to pay for.

Which way is the toilet paper roll supposed to hang?

Personal preference is the most logical way to go, especially if you own a playful and curious pet. If you really want to get technical, you should know that there actually IS a right and wrong way of hanging toilet paper. The 1891 toilet paper patent clearly states that “over” is the correct and proper way to hang the toilet paper roll from the holder.

Why do people use toilet paper?

Toilet paper, also called toilet tissue or tissue paper, is a product used for cleaning the nether regions after defecation and urination. Toilet paper provides a protective layer to the hands during these cleaning processes. Yes, there are still some countries who still do not use toilet paper for plumbing or personal hygienic reasons, such as Indonesia, Singapore, India and Pakistan. The people of these countries instead use water and their left hand to wash themselves. This fact is one of a few reasons why shaking hands in greeting is standard practice with only the right hand as it is more sanitary. This is also the reason why those in the Hindu and Muslim cultures believe that the right hand is the only hand that can be used to eat with.

Toilet paper verses water:

Around the world you will find as many people adamant about the importance of toilet paper usage as well as those who are against it as a sole mean of getting yourself clean. It tends to be that the Western world uses toilet paper while the Eastern world prefers water for after-bathroom cleansing.

Top reasons to use toilet paper:

  • Toilet paper does the dirty work so you don’t have to touch your elimination with your bare hand
  • Toilet paper is portable
  • Toilet paper usage does not get bathroom floors wet

Top reasons to use water:

  • Water gets skin cleaner than dry paper alone
  • Water will not irritate sensitive skin like the friction of dry toilet paper can
  • Toilet paper over-usage can clog toilets; water will not

Who invented toilet paper?

China is said to have used a form of toilet paper for hundreds of years prior with 50 B.C. being the earliest known date. Yet Joseph Gayetty is the American who is famous for developing the modern toilet paper. First invented in 1857 and widely available for sale in the 1920s, Gayetty’s creation was called “Gayetty’s Medicated Paper” or “Therapeutic Paper” and had been sold in flat sheets medicated with aloe, not in the roll form of today. The original ads for Gayetty’s toilet paper read "The greatest necessity of the age! Gayetty's medicated paper for the water-closet." Before the 1920s people have been known to wipe themselves with a number of items depending upon financial status. No, the rich did not use dollar bills. Those who were wealthy used wool, hemp and lace, while those less wealthy used rags, leaves, hay, grass, sand, and even corncobs and shells – ouch! The rolled and perforated toilet paper was said to be have been invented around 1880. The toilet paper roll and dispenser patent is credited to Seth Wheeler.

Toilet Paper Fun Facts:

  1. National Toilet Paper Day is August 26th, so mark your calendars!
  2. The correct way to wipe is front to back to prevent infections
  3. There are more people in the world who do not use toilet paper than actually use it
  4. The average person uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper annually
  5. Toilet paper production is at about 84 million rolls manufactured daily

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