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Food Service Apparel

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Food Service Supplies - Wholesale Aprons, Bibs, Chefs Hats & Apparel

Looking for wholesale prices on quality commerical aprons, bibs, chef hats, hairnets, spun bonded bouffant caps and other restaurant apparel? has restaurant supplies and the protective sanitary apparel for your food preparation and handling areas, labs, schools, hospital or medical centers, manufacturing and industrial facilities and in the home. One-size-fits-all polyethylene bibbed aprons protect employees and provide a barrier to liquids, solids and particulates. They are great for professionals and homeowners alike in protecting your clothing, your body, your projects and your food. Disposable bibs are the perfect answer to customer requests for added protection from spills and mishaps from “kids” of all ages. They are ideal for restaurants, spa and therapy treatment centers, makeup artists, senior centers, artists, schools, finger painters and for Moms on the go. They are also perfect for protecting designer clothes from brown bag and take-out lunch spills while on the job. Lightweight and breathable FDA approved nylon and latex-free nylon hair nets as well as spun bonded bouffant caps are essential hair restraints that effectively keep hair from being problematic - long hair can easily be contained. Our adjustable Royal Classy cap, made of light weight crepe paper, is designed for prolonged use. Public and private chefs will definitely appreciate our beautifully designed pleated and fluted adjustable chef hats. Our 100% biodegradable chef hats are constructed of high quality paper for increased comfort, air flow and durability. We offer a variety of heights to satisfy personal preferences. We can ship your disposable apron, bib, chef hat, hair net, spun bonded bouffant cap order today.

While protective apparel is widely used in manufacturing, industrial and restaurant settings, consumers are starting to find just how useful our apparel line is at home, in school, in spas, senior centers, recreational facilities and more.School nurse offices keep disposable aprons handy for emergency situations. Art, finger painting, pottery, sculpture, craft and other child and adult classes are stress free when protective aprons are used. Models use bouffant caps to protect their hairdos as well as the clothing when changing into designer fashions. Disposable aprons offer relief to workers from dirt when lifting dusty objects.And, when washing your pet, plastic aprons can save you from a soaking. Disposable aprons, hairnets and bouffant caps are advantageous in cooking, cleaning, makeup application, scientific experimentation, painting, chores and an endless number of other professional and home-based projects. Whenever you need to protect your clothes as well as your body, disposable aprons are the ideal solution.Disposable aprons can also protect your important projects from you. Increased cleanliness, sanitary conditions and germ free situations can be instantly created by wearing an apron and/or hair barrier. For professional and budding chefs, cooks, food handlers, offers a variety of biodegradable classy caps and chef hats. Our white caps and hats are of the best quality. All caps and chef hats are adjustable. Comfort and airflow are essentially incorporated into each light weight variety. Whether your personal style is pleated or fluted, we offer both ready to wear chefs hats in different heights. Shop at and find all your cleaning supplies, wholesale restaurant clothing, & food service apparel needs including aprons, bibs, chef hats, hairnets, and spun bonded bouffant caps.